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About Us

In my career as a fraud-fighter, I have seen hundreds of cases of fraud that could have been prevented if the victim had only done some basic due diligence on the employee, partner or promoter who ultimately defrauded them. People are very trusting by nature, and that is what the fraudster is counting on. An enormous amount of information is available on individuals and businesses. People are foolish not to use this information to their advantage.

When you need to know the truth, Roi W. Brown, is a seasoned, retired LAPD person with 35 years of service. He is a full service research agency. He is a former member of CA Assoc. of Legal Investigators, CA Assoc. of Public Defender & Criminal Defense Investigator and the Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Investigators Association. In 2003, he was court appointed to assist in a RICO investigation by the U.S. District Court, Central District. He was assigned to the LA County Superior Court Panel as a criminal defense investigator.

His company, Cal State Recovery, is extensively equipped to provide the services needed by attorneys for:

  • Civil and criminal investigations
  • Fraud examinations
  • And other services needed by insurance companies or private individuals.

Roi specializes in information gathering throughout California with an office in Southern California with a satellite office in Las Vegas.  He provides thorough, detailed, timely and cost effective research services every time, for every client. All of his research service are conducted discreetly and privately under the "Guidelines of Conduct" established by B.S.I.S. (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services,) Division of Licensing, Sacramento, CA.

He has a staff of seasoned professionals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and legal methods to ensure the best possible results. He is licensed, (CA PI Lic. #20710,) bonded and insured.